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We Consult, Design and Build “Paddock Paradise” Track systems for both Personal and Commercial farms.

Some of the track types we offer:

  • Single full herd tracks.
  • “Concentric tracks” for multiple smaller bands of horses living is separate tracks, yet still in close proximity to simulate the larger natural herd feeling.
  • “Clover leaf” Muliti-track systems for farms where individual turnout is necessary. Designed with “share-stations” and quasi-communal loafing areas where herd identity and movement is still achieved.
  • Hoof and Health rehabilitation tracks. For recovery and/or prevention of equine ailments.
  • Your imagination is the limit!

~Creating an environment as close to what nature intended for the horse, while living with us in domestication, is our ultimate responsibility to them.

Natural Habitat

Meeting the needs of the Whole Horse….

Natural Habitat horse keeping is a concept “Paddock Paradise”. This style of horse keeping is based on extensive research of the lifestyles of the wild and free-roaming horses of the US Great Basin and was conceived as a way to provide domestic horses with an environment that more closely resembles their natural habitat allowing them to live longer, healthier and happier lives!

In the wild, horses roam across great distances. They tend to follow the same routes, “tracks”, repeatedly to varying territories to meet all their requirements. Horses seek out water, roughage, rolling spots, mineral sources, shelter and companions. As prey animals, they don’t linger long, they avoid small confined spaces and are always on the move.

The goal of this system is to allow natural health and soundness in body and mind. It is an ideal preventative/corrective to many of the illnesses and disorders our horses succumb to when living against their nature: alone, in confinement, breathing hazardous gasses from their own urine , and unable to achieve adequate stimulation and movement. “A Track system can virtually eliminate the risk of issues such as laminitis, colic, Navicular, Cushings, neurological vices and poor muscle conditioning”-as it allows horses to live and eat the way nature intended-in varying terrain and on the move!


Research shows that Track systems reduce the carbon “hoof-print” of traditional paddocks by 80% helping to reverse environmental degradation.

A simple track system known as “paddock paradise” can be created on small or large acreage pastures to allow horses space for exercise while protecting your pasture grasses and the environment.

– J. Cook, Acreage Management Coordinator, NRCS/CSU Extension


Harmonious Habitats is a professional consult, design and build company specializing in planning, design, and project management for sites and structures used by the horse community.  We provide services anywhere in the USA.

Our intention is to take your vision of creating a beautiful, natural and healthful, eco-friendly environment for horses and humans and make it into a reality. We do this by first and foremost, listening to your wants and needs and finding ways to achieve them in harmony with the wants and needs of the horse, and the natural features flow of your location.

We work closely with you and local contractors to see your unique project through from start to finish.

Consult and Design services- $50/hr. Manage build services – $80/hr.

*All hourly rates are charged beginning at the time we leave our business location and arrive back at our business location.

*Airfare and accommodations will be paid upfront for all projects outside of New England. USA

About US.

We truly believe that “Creating an environment as close to what nature intended for the horse, while living with us in domestication, is our ultimate responsibility to them“.

Cindy has been caring for and boarding horses in both traditional and Natural farm environments for over 15 years both privately and also working and managing commercial boarding facilities. -In addition, she has volunteered at multiple horse rescues.

Enjoying every opportunity for self growth and education, Cindy takes many courses and seminars to stay progressive and positive in her personal life and her endeavors with horses. Cindy is a Photonic -Reiki horse practitioner, a practicing equine pharmacognosy student and the lead track designer at Harmonious Habitats.

Eben enjoys caring for the horses at home and creating “works of art in nature” while helping to design and build tracks. He is the the fence mender, tractor driver, post hole digger, muck hauler, raker, mower, and loving support that has helped make this dream a reality.

Together we run “Harmony Horse Farm-Natural Track Boarding” in Readfield Maine, believe in the importance of lifelong learning and put great emphasis on Family time, friendships, nature, and caring for animals of all kinds!

We are honored to work with you!

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